Numbers are in! 2013 was a busy year!

  Powerhoop Class at City Academy 

Powerhoop Class at City Academy 

 Up to the 23rd December 2013, Mr dod has done:

- 352 ZUMBA Classes
- 4 Zumba Jam Sessions (Instructor training)
- 35 Zumba Kids Classes (less than usual as so busy!!)
- 5 Zumba classes for teenagers
- 48 Powerhoop Classes
- 3 Children's Parties
- 2 Weddings
- 128 Fitness classes in Care Homes
- 3 School fete
- 4 Wellness Days with wellness evaluations
- 3 Beauty Parties
- 1 Big C Charity Event
- 1 Prostate Cancer Charity Event
- Extravangaza Training in Cologne
- Herbalife training in Manchester, London and Birmingham
- Norwich Pride event for Powerhoop
- 3 Photoshoots
- 5 Video filmings
- 2 Radio Interviews with Future Radio

I have probably forgotten some but this gives you a good idea! Mr dod is just amazed with the demand of his work and my motivation is to make you all happy!


Only 365 days in a year so you can imagine I have been busy!

Trust me 2014 is going to be even busier!!!!! Love you all xx

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