10 Day Kick Start / Belly Buster for Valentines Day

Happy February!!

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It's just a month since New Year and statistically 36% of us have already broken our resolutions (http://www.statisticbrain.com/new-years-resolution-statistics/) ... of course the most popular resolutions every year are to lose weight and get healthier in one way or another...

...and what's around the corner? Valentine's Day, of course. Why not reboot your resolution, drop a few pounds, shred some fat, detox and lose inches before the special day: We have a bunch of 10 day Kick Start / Belly Buster Programmes to help achieve exactly that. They include detailed instructions and we provide support and a wellness evaluation before and after to measure your progress.

  • Get 114 vital nutrients
  • Break down and eliminate fat
  • Reduce bloat, detox and cleanse the digestive system
  • Reduce food cravings
  • Lose weight AND inches like crazy
  • Completely natural
  • Full support and detailed instructions provided

If you're already on a weight management programme, you already have half the ingredients of the 10 day Kick Start / Belly Buster, and the price is lower. So... are you ready for it? Email or call for prices and to place your order.

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