Powerhoop videos from China - Shanghai, Beijing, The Great Wall etc

One of the things running our own Herbalife and Fitness business enables us to do nowadays is travel! In May we were lucky to spend time in Belgium with family and also visiting friends for two weeks in Shanghai. Of course, we took a Powerhoop with us and thought we'd film some tracks (with Powerhoop UK's blessing - Thank You!). Catch the videos below - learn a new routine and see some of the amazing locations we visited along the way...

Powerhoop Routine - Switch, with Mr dod aka Kevin d'Odemont. Filmed in China May 2014. Camera / edit by Ed Hollingsbee. Music by SS Audio Solutions. Locations include Shanghai, The Great Wall of China at Mutiyanu, Mount Huangshan, The Bund (Shanghai), The Temple of Heaven (Beijing) Thanks to Powerhoop UK.
Powerhoop Routine - Secret Filmed in Shanghai May 2014. Music by Sophia Syndicate. Thanks to Powerhoop UK.

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