Mr dod becomes a MASTER TRAINER for POWERHOOP!

 "Fitness with a Twist"

"Fitness with a Twist"

In June 2013 I went onto a new fitness journey and started to teach the first ever Powerhoop class in Norfolk! Little did I know what was about to hit me!

In less than a year and 3 Powerhoop classes a week, over 120 Powerhoop sold, 0ver 150 people attended my classes I am overwhelmed!

But, 3 months in I won a national choreography workout competition with Powerhoop and went to Essex to film it for the instructors pro-members! 

I took my hoop to the radio station, to China, to Greece and make more videos as I have a bug! Powerhoop heard so much about my classes and my local success that they asked to come and film us for their Powerhoop Workout Promo Video! REALLY!!! Mr dod didn't want to say but YES!!

A year on I have now signed a contract with Powerhoop (Innertrak ApS) as the Master Trainer to open Powerhoop in France & Belgium! If this isn't a dream come true in less than 3 years in the Fitness industry I don't know what else is coming up! I will be responsible to train all upcoming instructors for this amazing workout and all organised by me too! Big job but great fun! 

I would once again to thank all of my participants as without you all I wouldn't have made it myself! Thank you from the deepest point of my heart xxxxxx

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Mr dod - Powerhoop Master Trainer & Course Coordinator

Kevin d'Odemont