Every day I wake up thinking what is the plan for today!

We work from home Dr Ed & I, from our downstairs office and we love to be busy! We buzz from the pile of work we have to do each day! Not a day without any work! Why? Because we choose to...

What do we do? The list is long...

Prepare for Zumba, Powerhoop, Insanity each day and when new tracks come in there is a lot of rehearsal to be done! 

Welcoming customers at our Wellness Centre (at home) to weigh them in and offering FREE wellness evaluations all by booking online.

We have paperwork to do like everyone, we love gardening (but recently we have forgotten about it!) 

Big trip to Prague where we are going to the BIG EXTRAVAGANZA HERBALIFE for 3 days this month. We never stop to have new people joining our team every month to help them earn extra money each month. Anyone can do it from HOME!

We are organising our big expansion to France & Belgium with my latest contract as a Master Trainer. This involves learning 45min new regimented track list, amazon account, website, translations form english to french, calling abroad, sorting out new phone contract, new Facebook page, new email, new everything. 

We need to print business cards, popup banners, posters, flyers, banners, new photo shoot..

On Sunday I am filming 6 choreos at Powerhoop HQ, filming a master trainer profile for their website, testimonials of my success in the fitness industry....

I won't bore you with more! Apart that Dr Ed has also started a PRINTING T-SHIRT BUSINESS! So now we can print anything in vynil for parties, birthdays, hen, any occasions!!

Remember we work every day to make sure we can change YOUR life and help EVERYONE out there to lead a HEALTHY ACTIVE LIFESTYLE through support of fitness and good nutrition and weight loss challenges.

Call us, come and see us, book yourself... 

You are welcome in our lives whenever it suits you.

Thanks for reading.

Much love... 

Mr dod (wrtter) and Dr Ed... ;-) 

Kevin d'Odemont