Herbalife Fact and Fiction...

Every now and again someone throws together or 'resurrects' a negative article about Herbalife and makes all sorts of claims about the products and business model which then does the rounds...

So lets deal in facts, not the fiction that appears from time to time:

These posts are almost always written by a person with an agenda or who is selling another product or service that they believe might be compromised by a strong Herbalife. They will normally start by pointing a finger at our business model and suggest it is some sort of pyramid scheme....

FACT: Pyramid schemes have been illegal in the UK, and most of the western world for the best part of 30 years. For as long as I/we have been involved with the company, we have had individuals such as David Beckham, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo promoting our products and our brand. Not only that, but Herbalife is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and we have strict guidelines on how we promote (and claims we make about) the Herbalife Business Opportunity.

...If Herbalife was indeed a pyramid scheme surely we must be the worst kept dodgy secret out there. With our branded cars, we must be expecting a chap at the door from the police any minute now!

FACT: Herbalife’s business model has been looked at, scrutinized and sanctioned by the Governments of over 90 countries around the world.
Herbalife is a network marketing company that has a business model very similar to many companies such as AVON... so we are no more likely to fall foul of the law than the wee lassie who sells you mascara.

...they then normally make all sorts of claims about our products or what goes into them. They may even suggest they lack scientific backing. LOL.
As yet, I have yet to see the claim made in these posts that is true, or even based on fact.

FACT: Herbalife products have been put together, developed, tested and refined over the past 35 years by some of the best nutritional minds the world has ever seen including:
Dr David Heber
Nobel Prize winner Dr Lou Ignarro
Luigi Gratton
...and a list of Doctors that runs into dozens, including in the UK and Ireland Dr Carel le Roux...but don’t take my word for it, Google these guys.

If you want to see the truth about our pharmaceutical grade products and supplements, what goes into them and our science, including clinical trials and studies and the brilliant men of science and nutrition who are behind them visit www.herbalifescience.com
If it’s not true, it can’t be on there, it’s the law.

FACT: Herbalife and Herbalife distributors have a strict code-of-conduct and are VERY careful not to make any product claims that aren't backed by Science. If any of these dodgy claims that appear in the anti Herbalife rants were close to being true then the world-class athletes who use our products on a daily basis would not be allowed near them ...but here is what I do know, If our name is on the athlete, our product is IN the athlete. FACT. Including Cristiano Ronaldo, who’s favorite products are Herbalife Citrus Lemon Protein Bars and Herbalife 24’s Rebuild Strength as well as a few other Herbalife products.
Check out some of the others on www.herbalifesports.com

FACT: Our products create the standard to which the industry is measured.
Some people are very threatened by progress, and like it or not Herbalife represents the future.

Many thanks to Andrew Tattersfield for his original post which this is largely copied from.

Ed Hollingsbee