Powerhoop was tried in Paris and this is what they said!

(Article written originally in French by Gabrielle Béal and translated by Mr dod  https://www.gymlib.com/blog/gymlib-a-teste-le-powerhoop)

We tried for you… the Powerhoop

Do you know the Power Plate or the Hula Hoop ? Forget all of this ! We had the privilege to test as a premiere the next fitness activity that will be a succes in France: The Powerhoop. Grab your hoops!

Powerhoop for the beginners

Basic Definition : Powerhoop is the « world's most advanced fitness hoop ».

Honest Definition : if you want to control your hip movement forward and back like nobody, don't look any further, do some Powerhoop. Your popularity in a night club risks being exposed to the spotlight...

A full body workout

With so many new fitness workouts, I recently heard about Powerhoop. I immediately registered as soon as I received an email invitation from the French Federation of Fitness, organisers of this event. Without really knowing what I was going to attend.

First Surprise: the weight of the hoop. it is quite heavy ! The hoop starts at a basic weight of 1.6kgs. It comes with a set of weights in stainless steel which adds on to 2,3 kg. Let's not be scared, this is what doubles his efficacy!

Second surprise : the movement. It's quite difficult ! I have hours of Hula Hoop on the clock but was quickly surprised how often I was dropping the hoop ... keeping it up for just a second. The movement is completely different from the Hula Hoop as it requires a twisted movement forward and back. To be revisited!

Third Surprise : the diversity of the workout. It is pretty much a full body workout ! The workout is thoughts to associate cardio and muscle endurance. 

Twist and shout

The session last 45 minutes. It was presented by Mr dod Powerhoop Instructor. He started with a warm up with simple movements around the hoop. The heart of the workout consists of different levels of up to 15 minutes of intensive Powerhooping : you needed to push the hoop, then do different movements with the arms and the legs to make the workout more challenging. Walking to the left, cross legs, lifting your arms up while hooping and other fun interactions! Both sections are separated by other great moves included in the cardio and the muscle endurance. Pushing the hoop up and down, walking around, jumping, … Mr dod didn't lack of imagination to make us all sweat!

The only thRUsting that will make you slim YOUR waist

The efficiency seems formidable and the benefits according to Mr dod are :

  • Weight loss – Burn more than 400 calories in a session
  • Reduction of lower back pains
  • Strengthening the core muscles
  • Slimmer waist. Hips and thighs thinner. Glutes toned.

15 minutes of Powerhoop a day for 6 weeks can help to lose between 3 to 6cm around the waistline, depending on you body fat percentage when you start. Who can say better?

The new workout you are going to love

A wonderful experience! Finally a workout that is original, innovative and that doesn't just do a mix of already existing workouts. We laugh, we have so much pleasure, we sweat, but all while smiling.

The first few moments of hooping can put you off track. The movement isn't the one we all know, the hoop seams heavy, we feel the impact on the core and we fear being bruised the next day.

But remain strong! Don't be discouraged for those like me, that won't manage the right movement immediately. You will only need a few failed goes and a good dose of encouragement to succeed very quickly. After it becomes a real pleasure, we promise you.

The next day, no bruises, only some good muscles feelings. And the need to go back !

PS : gentleman, there is spaces for you too, you are welcome to any Powerhoop classes. You will even have the risk to love this thrusting movement that will make you feel more virile...

Where can you do Powerhoop in the UK ?

You are invited to check our Find a class map to find your local instructor.

You can also purchase your own Powerhoop Deluxe by visiting www.powerhoop.com (£59 plus shipping).

For all information on Mr dod (Powerhoop Expert for France/Belgium/UK) visit. www.facebook.com/mrdodfw

Kevin d'Odemont