Myself reflection - Myre's short story of self acceptance

This is the story of many out there... Have a little read of Myre's short story about her journey to live daily with her fright to look at herself in the mirror?

 Underneath the surface there is a new you awaiting to discover a happier you - Mr dod

Underneath the surface there is a new you awaiting to discover a happier you - Mr dod

.....A morning like any other mornings Myre wakes up after a few bed stretches and big yawns warm in her duvet. Her night was pretty normal, 7hrs sleep, nice temperature, maybe got awakened by a cat or the traffic passing by but fell asleep again fast. She always try to drink a glass of water before going to bed as it is good for your heart and health in general as we lose a lot of fluid in our sleep every night. Time for the morning ritual that we all do which is to use the bathroom. But in that room she has to pass this dreading reflecting shinny thing that we like to call a mirror. Some like to rename it the evil image provider of yourself. What does she do? Myre instinctively peak to see what she looks like but just briefly, then she realises it wasn't brief but she got stuck for 10 minutes like someone telling her "you have to look at yourself closely".  Myre hates her mirror, she keeps wondering what is wrong with her, why she is the way she is, what she can do to improve her self image, how much make up she will be wearing to cover the imperfections of her face, maybe keep her hair long to cover some of it. What happens next? She has to dress up after a shower and goes into her room where an even bigger mirror rest against the wall so she can see herself from head to toe. Oh My God! She screams into her head.. Look at my body! How did I let myself go this way and why didn't I notice it before? Myre slowly gets into a snowball effect of panic mode, sadness, depression, disgust, unwanted feeling, worthless, unable to achieve much in life, she even decides to dress up in black so she cannot be seen at work or wherever she goes. One evening, after talking to a friend who supports her, she took the courage to join a fitness class and she approached her instructor. She told her story why she fell so revolting inside and her struggles of self-esteem. She didn't know it but this class was her first step to big changes in her life. She never looked back, as hard as it was to try something new and face people she didn't know, because soon after she turned all the negatives into positive she found out that she is not alone and it is allright to have some bad days. She can achieve anything and it is fine to be the way she is! One advise her instructor gave her was "be true to yourself, nobody else can reach you there" ..........

Many can relate to Myre's feeling, not only women but men too! It is not a new thing but a problem that has been existing for hundred of years and affects us more each day passing due to the social media fake imagery of celebrities, cosmetics, fashion, nutrition and the pressure to look good for the world around us. As a fitness instructor, I meet many self conscious persons challenged by their physique or the way they look. Why so many of you are not loving yourself enough just the way you are. It can take some of you a real courage to look in that mirror or even get out of your comfort zone. The human race is in real need for competitiveness, challenging others, complainers, superiority, and many more feelings that we cannot always escape from or manage directly. As your fitness instructor I always commit to make you feel great inside and out the best way that I can. You are wonderful to me just for coming to my classes and meeting others starting their journey or even joining those who started theirs months and years ago.

Be reassured that there is always a way out of this vicious circle to feel worthless when looking at yourself in the mirror or comparing yourself to others. I keep reminding my participants to never compare themselves to others as we are all unique with our own independent beauty. 

 Feel free to send me your "thing" xx

Feel free to send me your "thing" xx

I encourage you all to find one little thing that you will keep near your mirror or even with you and this "thing" will remind you daily of how wonderful you are and that you LOVE YOURSELF. Turn back the snowball effect and melt it by breathing first, relaxing, smiling, love who you see, want more of life, feel wanted, you are worth it! The only person who can stop you from not liking your reflection in the mirror is YOURESLF!

Start your journey today. 

Much love, I love you just the way you are,

Mr dod xx

Kevin d'Odemont