Join this new support group because you are amazing!

As a Powerhoop instructor I love to teach my classes for the main reason that I get to meet many who are all looking for the miracle solution to have the perfect body. But there is no such thing as perfection or you would have been made by a robotic industry or just photoshop in a magazine! My mission as an instructor is to support each individual to accept who they are TODAY & TOMORROW whatever age, size, shape or form they are! I will never stop saying that you are the only person who can change your outlook on life and on how you feel towards yourself. LOVE YOURSELF.

Powerhoop classes have certainly changed my life! For 3 years I have Powerhooped with hundreds of ladies (as men are still scared to see how amazing this workout really is!) and I have never enjoyed teaching classes as much as Powerhoop.

Why??? Because the hoop itself is so colourful that it brings joy just to use it, then you spin it around your waist and the feeling is real muscles pleasure and I know that every spin to my waist is strengthening my core and building up my body protections like a shield. 

In a Powerhoop workout you can burn from 420 to 1000 calories guaranteed. To burn extra calories I encourage people to laugh, scream, be yourself as I am being myself so don't ever be put off by being YOU!.

Here is a lovely comment from one of my Powerhoopers who has been coming for 2 years in my classes and it has also changed her life. Claireanne has now launched a facebook support group #fatgirlrunning which is for anyone interested to share their fitness activities or just simply wanting to feel amazing because you are worth it. I invite you all to request to join this group where ONLY POSITIVE COMMENTS are tolerated or people are removed. Welcome to a new world of non judgemental attitude. If that girl can you CAN!

Thank you Claireanne for your plan and I will help when I can. Mr dod xx



Kevin d'Odemont