I am like you - Mr dod on a journey

In life, we are pretty much all aware of our body image on a daily basis. We talked about Myre and her reflection in the mirror on a previous blog but this one is Mr dod's journey. Because I am like you, I want to make sure that my health is at its best as I can but daily temptation, emotions, challenges in life, happy times, parties, travel, laziness, tiredness, lack of time, fridge empty, convenience food, takeaway. We all have one of those reasons why we do not manage to eat healthy every day or lacking to do exercises to maintain our body general health.

You may have tried many diets and every time you fall back in the evil hands of the goddess of Temptation! Let's say the nasty vicious circle where you did well for a few weeks and something happened that you just stopped caring once again.

All my life I was lucky enough to have been interested by some sports and I did train for years to be a "plongiste" which in English means a table tennis player. I started that sport when I was 7 and I gave it up when I was 16 as my life of rebellion took me by surprise. But that is a different story for another time. I loved playing that sport so much (and a reason why I have good thighs and a peachy bum with all them squats for years!). I was doing it weekly and weekend for championships to win medals and enjoy being part of a very competitive team.

I tried tennis and basket ball but this was not my cup of tea at all. I even tried break dance dancing in 2002 before coming to UK in Brussels and I loved it but I was the oldest and only guy. I didn't think i was fitting well enough and I was unsettled in my head trying to find a happy middle in my head and life as I was not sure where my life was going at that point. If you were following me before you would have heard a big part of my life on an open interview I was invited to do on Future radio...  Will share it again soon if you never heard it.

When it comes to my body weight as I was very active I never had a problem with being overweight and I probably take from my mum who is very skinny and she had 5 kids and still is today very active at 59. My dad is overweight and been all is life so I don't take from him in the genes or maybe I didn't want to have a belly like he does.. so it was a push to keep healthy.

I think I will always care about my weight especially more since I became a fitness instructor in 2011 because I feel the need to represent health the best way that I can on how to maintain or get to your ideal body frame focusing on cardio, muscle endurance, healthy habits and weekly routines. 

As must think that I am fit and healthy but I am like you! A guy who is on a mission to maintain the figure that I have and it is not easy every day as I sometimes too often think that I am safe eating whatever I like but as we age our bodies are not as easy to maintain as we would like them to be. So exercise needs to keep ongoing and we all know that taking a week off or even 2 turns the clock on our health quicker than it takes to go back into shape.

In 2009 I was in a job where I had no time to myself and was working more than 65hrs a week and driving all day and working nearly every weekends. Every meetings we had was sandwiches, restaurant meals in pubs, petrol stations horrible unhealthy foods and very hard to keep an active lifestyle so I had put for the first time all my life too much weight on! As you can see on this attached image my shape was a little perkier than it is today. I actually didn't know I had become heavier because I didn't care and I was not worried at all until I ended up my previous relationship, came out of my blindness and realised that the image in the mirror was not who I wanted to be..

I decided to join fitness classes in doing Zumba, Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat and the pounds kept falling down and I had so much more energy too! Of course now I only do Powerhoop and this is a fabulous way to have fun mentally and physically!

So my advise is take a step backwards and check yourself in the mirror but don't punish yourself! Take a step forward and turn your life into an active life as there is NO EXCUSE to even try 30 minutes of activity each day of the week even if that is walking, going up and down the stairs a few times, join a gym, a fitness group or if you live near Norwich join Mr dod Fitness Powerhoop classes for the right support.

I thank you for reading my little journey which is a life journey that we all go through but sometimes it is good to read you are NOT ALONE! 

Mr dod xxx



Kevin d'Odemont