Mr dod - My coming out true story on radio!

You know Mr dod as he is today. Flamboyant, extravagant, open minded, loud, funny, crude, loving, honest, but all of this has been shaped from a particularly story in my life. I was not like it before and contrarily I was the opposite, shy, unsecured, quiet, lost, scared, unsure, not knowing why I existed and very lonely.

Coming to UK 14 years ago changed my life as it happened the day after I declared to my friends and family that I was a gay man and I had been suffering for years inside to keep it a secret just because I wanted to be like the "normality" and how I was brought up as a christian.

I invite you, if you never heard my story on the radio, to listen to it as maybe, and surely, there is someone around you who is going through the same but they don't know it or they feel scared to come out.

Let's find out what you didn't know about Mr dod by clicking on this "My Pride Life" link

Kevin d'Odemont