Hi everyone, I am pleased to let you know that I will soon be launching a new booking system that should make life easier for all of you and also for me!! This also means (except by prior agreement) all payments will be made online.

SO.... from Friday 15th December, the new system will go live. It will be integrated into my website, and also on my facebook page. There are a couple of simple setup steps to get started:

1) Register as a customer so you manage your own bookings going forward.

2) Sign / complete the online (confidential) waiver/PARQ so I keep updated on what is best for you personally

3) Book each class individually, or select a pre-pay class pack or membership for big savings!

Once you've bought your pre-pay class pack or membership, you will be able to book your classes in advance and the system will keep a track of how many you've used and when the pack expires. The unlimited membership option is based on a recurring monthly payment (see T&Cs). PLEASE REMEMBER the discounts you get for the class packs and membership reflect your commitment to come to classes and use them before they expire, and for this reason refunds cannot be made.

I'm confident the new system will be a big improvement and give you more control over your money and classes. In the mean time if you have any questions please contact me on 07588 202198,

Thank you for your support and understanding and welcome to 2018!

Love from Mr dod xxx

Kevin d'Odemont