Mr dod Available for HIRE

Every year I have the real pleasure to be invited to join many participants for events especially in the UK, France & Belgium. As much as my work is essentially based in the UK I love to know that I can support events by bringing something a little extra that makes me a unique award winning fitness instructor.

I have done many events for the fitness industry in France, Belgium and UK. Including Salon Body Fitness in Paris, La Parisienne in Paris, France fitness championship, Fitness convention in Belgium, Fitness Fiesta events for 4 years in the UK, local Norfolk events for Council, care homes, parties, and so much more.

My life is about enjoying every moment of it and offering to others a spark of my happiness in the mental health behind doing fitness group classes.

If you need Mr dod around you for a moment feel free to contact him for a free quote by email or call him on 07588202198

Because "Fitness is for life, for you!"

Mr dod


Kevin d'Odemont