Laughter Club has landed

In August 2018 when I lost my mum suddenly I was devastated and thought I would collapsed and my life would get worse. Mental health is one of the world's biggest threat to a happy you. I didn't want to be down so I found a way to express my anger, my sadness, my disgust of life, my doubts and any negative feelings that comes with grief. But I am not a negative person so I tried to find where I could make myself happier in the most difficult time in my life.

So I came across Laughter Yoga and dived into the training and became the first male Laughter Yoga leader in Norfolk. I can tell you that this guided me through the channel of happiness and supported me in many ways to focus on enjoying life as we only live it once. So let's live it happily.

My Laughter Club launch was incredible and I am thankful for the support the Norfolk's community is giving me with my mission to support mental health through fitness exercises.

The feedback from the event was outstanding! The response from the HOW DO YOU FEEL form BEFORE & AFTER comparison says it all. Check it out below and enjoy the video supported by  Norwich EDP NEWS.

 WOW! And that is after just one session!

WOW! And that is after just one session!

Kevin d'Odemont