CHAIRECISE - Fitness for older adults

Class every Friday 11am at Shipdham Manor Care Home 

Class every Friday 11am at Shipdham Manor Care Home 

You are amazing! We always enjoy your company wonderful fitness instructor - Angelie (Staff)
Every care home needs Mr dod, absolutely brilliant with residents - Lucy (Staff)
Mr dod really makes us laugh, his enthousiasm makes us all want to exercise and we look forward to his class every week - Brenda (Resident)
Not just brilliant amazing, even our frailest residents smile and start to move and they can’t help but join in - Nikki (Manager)

It all started in 2013...

In January 2013 I was offered a trial to do Fitness on chair in a residential home in Norwich and little did I know how rewarding this would be! I had worked in care homes before as a carer back in 2002 for a few months and i very much enjoyed it as I could really see I was making a difference in helping our residents to feel good when they needed support. I went onto adding a specialisation certificate in fitness for older adults to learn more about their personal challenges and what other fitness moves works for that population.

I make sure we use a lot of laughters and great sense of humour because after all, and after so many classes, i know that we are all the same whatever age we are! Just our body switch off slowly. So my mission is to help as many older people as I can in homes to keep their body ongoing and their mental. I can assure you that they LOVE IT! It may take a couple of sessions before they get going then the party is on weekly and they very much look forward to it each week. Why not read a few reviews below from some of my home managers, staff and participants.

I proud myself in having a lot of respect for my participants, I know all their names and abilities over the weeks and make sure that they want to come to my classes because they feel the benefits and they get results.

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What does Mr dod do in a 30 minutes class

I will always use some 50's to 70's music to cater for all taste. I start with an upper body and lower body warm up to mobilise the joints and get the body started. This way I can already assess what each participants can do or not do so I can guide them and encourage them the best way I can. I then increase their body strength by adding larger range of movements using bender balls to help their fingers, wrist and joints mobility and strength, I use Powerhoop links (8 per hoops) to hold and create some arm movements to mobilise the joints of the elbow and shoulders. And for extra colorful fun I add some pom poms that will allow anyone to express their inner feelings. I add some little cardio legs exercises and finish with stretches.