Pulseroll - Vibrating foam roller + FREE BAG LAUNCH!

Pulseroll - Vibrating foam roller + FREE BAG LAUNCH!

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From Pulseroll directly you pay with shipping £105.98! With Mr dod you get a special deal for the launch.

Pulseroll is an elite training recovery product and is currently being used by several Olympic & World Champions involved in various types of sports. High profile users include Olympic Hero triathlete Jonny Brownlee and members of the GB Athletics team.

The Pulseroll is not just for athletes, it is also just as beneficial to people who suffer with long term muscular discomfort including the lower back and shoulder areas bringing much needed pain relief.

• Pain relief to muscular areas including back & shoulders
• Avoid much of the next day training soreness (DOMS)
• Reduce injury recovery time & improve flexibility
• Deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home
• Endorsed by professional athletes and physiotherapists
• 3 hours battery life with quick charging AC Adapter
• Portable & Lightweight (1 kilo) with 1 Year Warranty

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