Thetford - Charles Burrel Centre Friday 25th May

Thetford - Charles Burrel Centre Friday 25th May

6.00 8.00

Laughter Club

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Welcome to Thetford first Laughter Club. 

Award Winning Norfolk Instructor Mr dod is coming to make your town laugh like never before! 

Laughter Yoga is a way to support mental health through laughter exercises. Mr dod - Laughter Yoga Leader - will teach you techniques on how to laugh like never before through your belly using breathing techniques and child like playful exercises.

This club is only £6 in advance or £8 on the door but event can sell out so book your ticket now. Bring and invite as many friends, family and work colleagues to it as you can. At the end you will be able to give your feedback and find out how you can change your life at home, relationships, social network and at work too!

- Serious Laughters (no need for humour or comedy just be you)
- One hour session including a 10 minutes introduction of Laughter Yoga with benefits & why we should all do it
- Changes in your daily life for a happier you
- Building up self-confidence and more!
- You can do it bare feet, with socks or light trainers

- Water
- Comfortable clothing
- Your best friends so you are not alone
- Your willingness to participate
- Respect for one another and human equality
- A yoga mat if you wish (this is NOT a yoga class we only use Yoga breathing)

£6 in advance or £8 on the door

PLEASE READ: This is an exercise class which involves calorie burning, breathing increase, heart rate increase so if you have any medical condition like high blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant or other physical health issues please check with your doctor to make sure you are safe to do this Laughter Club. A health and guidelines form will be filled at registration (sent to you by email after online registration on the link attached). AGE OVER 16+ ONLY (No children allowed)