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Testimonial from Sara who has changed her body shape and is having a blast at Powerhoop.

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“I was first introduced to Powerhoop while out celebrating my 60th birthday with friends, two of whom had already taken it up. They told me and another friend all about it and suggested we give it a try. Although we were very reluctant, we did go along to a class and l have never looked back, Powerhooping had me hooked!

From what l can remember of that first class, l was very nervous as l felt quite unfit and l knew l was getting thicker around the middle, not having done much in the way of exercise for a long time, but when we arrived l was surprised at how many people were there and how friendly everyone was, especially Mr dod and Ed. I think most of the session l spent picking the hoop up off the floor (so frustrating!) l was trying to run before l could walk, instead of concentrating on one thing at a time - hooping, moving arms and legs at the same time Noooooo!!!! It's very true what Mr dod tells you: "Never compare yourself to anyone else, everyone is an individual". It will come in the end with a little bit of perseverance and of course hard work!

I love Powerhoop because l believe it not only helps with your fitness and body shape but as you progress, it also gives your brain a good workout when trying to master the art of hooping, moving your arms and legs at the same time. 

Alison before Powerhoop

Alison before Powerhoop

I have owned my own hoop for about 2 1/2 years which saves having to book in each week and it's always on hand when a bit of extra hooping practice is needed. Mr dod's Powerhoop workout DVD is brilliant and is a great way to fill in if you can't make it to a class. It is a good way to revisit past warm ups, routines and cool downs too!

Powerhoop certainly meets my fitness needs. It has increased my workout level and as my confidence has grown l now attend 3 classes a week. It has not only given me more energy but l can also see a change in my body shape, clothes l had felt uncomfortable in and hard to fit into now actually fit, l have dropped a bra cup size, lost 3 inches around my middle and gone down to dress size 8/10 instead of 10/12/14. This gives me the motivation to want to do more! 

I would recommend powerhoop to everyone and say just give it a go! Once you master the art of hooping, keep at it and don't give up, concentrate on just one step at a time and listen to all the instructions given by Mr dod, after all he is an EXPERT!”


Claire before Powerhoop

Claire before Powerhoop


“I was first interested by Powerhoop after hearing about it from a friend. I did some research and the rest is history!

My first Powerhoop class was daunting. Everyone was so friendly and supportive, however I struggled to keep the hoop off the floor! I thought I would never be able to do it. Others were able to move around while hooping and I couldn't understand how! Mr dod explained everyone starts like me and to keep trying. He made sure I was in the correct position and using the right technique. He was so patient. The next day I was bruised but not put off. The class was so up beat and friendly I was determined to master it! I can now do all the things that I never thought possible - I love it!

I love Powerhoop as it not only has toned my waist, my core is stronger along with my arms and legs. I also have bags of energy! The class is not just hooping, it combines this with fat burning aerobics and HIIT. It has a great atmosphere and no-one is made to feel silly or self conscious.

I bought a Powerhoop so I can practice at home. I use Mr dod's DVD to help motivate me. Powerhoop really does meet my fitness requirements. It works my whole body and I can always feel it after a workout.


If someone was hesitant about trying Powerhoop I would say give it a go. We have people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities in our class. Mr dod also gives you choices of what level you want to train at so it caters for everyone. We all have fun and there's lots of laughter! 

I have introduced three of my friends to Powerhoop and they, like me, love it too!

Many thanks

Claire (Schultz-Mace)”

**Since writing her testimonial and her photoshoot with us, Claire has continued to make fantastic progress; check out amazing Claire in her hooping video here --------->> and follow her progress in her Facebook group #fatgirlrunning"

Posted by Ed Hollingsbee on Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Anita before Powerhoop

Anita before Powerhoop


“Two and a half years ago I moved to Norwich, but continued to work in Colchester for another 11 months. During this time, I piled on about 2 stone!! I gave up my job in August 2015 and spent 3 months pottering about. While trying to find another job, I started at ASDA as a home shopper. Looking for other things to do in Norwich, I noticed a sign for Powerhoop on my way to work and thought it sounded like fun.

I messaged Mr dod and received a very friendly reply inviting me along to a class the following evening. I went along the next night, and got a bit lost... but Mr dod directed me to the right place and made me feel very welcome and not at all nervous.

That first class, I was rubbish, but thoroughly enjoyed it and was hooked. I soon upped my classes to two a week. Everyone the classes is lovely, I soon bought my own hoop and Mr dod's workout DVD and I love it. My hoop lives in the lounge where I pick it up and have 5-10 minutes hooping most days.

I love that the classes are really good fun, the other girls are lovely, as is Mr dod. Powerhoop has helped me reach my fitness goals and more... I noticed that I am now the proud owner of a waist, which is where I store my fat, so I'd definitely say it's a fab way to work your core without doing tedious sit-ups. It's also a super fun all-over body workout. I have benefited in lots of ways, not least by making some very lovely friends and getting fit!! I've also lost 3 inches off my waist.

Thank you Mr dod! My next step is to get some Powergloves to build up my guns LOL!! xx”